Who is eligible for the free MAVO training under the Skills Partnership Training Grant:

Individuals employed by MAV companies who are current MTANJ members in good standing.  Individuals not currently employed by a MAV company are not eligible for the free training.

How to schedule your free training:

Classes conducted under the Skills Partnership Training Grant are scheduled in the same manner as regular MAVO classes. When scheduling you just need to check the box indicating you are a member of the MTANJ. Click here for your free MAVO instruction
What else you need to know:

The Skills Partnership Training Grant requires all MAVO students to be paid the regular hourly wage by their employer for the duration of the 8-hour training course.

Information Needed From Each Member Company Participating:

Company Name __________________________________________________

FEIN# __________________

North American Industry Classification System Code __________________

DUNS# _________________

Number of employees at your location (if you have more than one location, list both numbers): ___ / ___

Time in Business:________________

Union Affiliation, if yes, include name & local number, address, city, state, zip code, representative, phone, & email address _________________________________________________________________________


What the hourly wage of the participant is? If it is minimum wage, etc: _______________


For more information, please contact Stephanie Summers at