Less Stress Instructional Services has secured EMT CEU’s for the new Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operator (MAVO) course!

The NJ Department of Health has awarded us 3.5 EMT Elective CEU’s for the required MAV training. This means when you train an EMT, you will be able to provide that trainee with continuing education towards their EMT certification.

You will be able to award this continuing education only with the MAVO programs you will conduct after transition training, not with the current MAVT program as the content hours do not line up exactly the same.

Some of the EMT CEU practices are somewhat different than the MAVT practices (CEU’s have a 30 day registration notice, signature rosters are required, etc).

We will provide instructions on how to proceed at your transition training once all the details are finalized. We hope that this encourages more cross training of EMT’s to MAV and enables you to train more individuals and make better use of existing EMT’s at your agencies.

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As we recently announced, we have partnered with Less Stress Instructional Services Inc. to administer the MAVT program going forward. Less Stress explains their program below in detail, but overall this is a great benefit to our members.

The program is lower in fees and will have no annual fee and can be updated more easily to stay current. Also, the fee for each certification card is being reduced to the instructors, but as we do not regulate the fees they charge to students, this can vary by instructor. Current instructors simply need to take a cross-over course at no cost to them, to continue teaching the program. Less Stress will be hosting this cross-over course as well as a new instructor course in the coming months, so please contact them directly for further information.

All of our current instructors have been notified of the transition, and are working to streamline the process going forward.

The MTANJ will continue to oversee the program with our partnership, while Less Stress administers it. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to our offices at (732) 719-7229. Thanks.

MTANJ Board of Directors


Please send your course rosters and course evaluations to:

Less Stress Instructional Services
130 Ryerson Ave, Suite 210
Wayne, NJ 07470

If you would like to submit your rosters digitally, you can do so at:

You will log in with your email address (all insturcotrs were emailed and are to use the email address that notification was sent too) and your first name as the password. Here is a quick video on how to submit your MAVT rosters:

If you would like to scan your rosters and course evaluations, we can have your cards printed and in the mail within 24-48 hours.


Instead of using the paper form, please submit your MAVT Course Requests by clicking here

You will get an immediate email confirmation and your course is approved unless you hear from us otherwise.


As we hinted to earlier, we are engaged in the publication of Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operator (MAVO). This program will be published as a program to replace MAVT. Many of you are probably wondering what this program will offer compared to the previous program. Here is a list of improvements we feel will benefit the medical transportation industry as a whole:


Student processing costs will be reduced to $35/student across the board, saving instructors $15 per student on new certifications.
There will be no yearly instructor fee associated with being an instructor going forth.
The instructor course fee for initial instructor certification will be brought down to $895 from the current $1600+

Student processing will include a book and card for both new certifications and renewals. There will be no patches included with student processing (we feel that’s more of a uniform expense and not a certification expense) but they will be available for purchase for $3 each. The patch has a modern and elegant design that I think will compliment most uniform types.
The manual will be full color, with workbook segments (fill-in-the-blank segments like you would see on CEVO or DDC), skills pictorials (such as seen in EMT manuals), and case studies (clinical vignettes such as the ones seen in EMT manuals).
Book content will be modernized, with broader segments on topics such infection control and orthopedic transfers. There are a total of 80 pages in the new manual.

There will be an updated presentation for teaching the program. MAVO instructors will be able to get the presentation and all future versions at no cost simply by maintaining their instructor credentials.
The presentation will have embedded skills demonstration videos for the skills practiced in the program.
The presentation will have accident case studies illustrating how individuals get hurt on an MAV.
The presentation will have regulatory case students illustrating what services get fined for during vehicle inspections.
Technology and Service

Our intent is create an optional blended program (half online and half in classroom) that you can use to make the initial certification course about 1/2 the time of the classroom course. Although you can run the full-day course, our expectation is that you could instead have students take the online course first and run a half-day classroom training that focuses mostly on skills development if you prefer that.
Course registrations and roster submissions will be submitted online instead of by mail, resulting in 24-48 business hour turn-around for certification card processing.
We have applied for EMT CEU credits for MAVO based on the new didactic content. While most of the content is MAV-specific and not directly related to EMTs, we feel that there are about 3 or so hours of infection control, safe lifting, clinical considerations, and regulatory data that would be CEU-eligible. We hope that this will allow you to award some EMT Elective CEU’s to the EMTs in your courses.


You will be able to transition from MAVT instructor to MAVO instructor by attending a 3-4 hour transition course. There is no fee for this session. You will see the program materials, be provided with the instructor manual, presentation, and a supply of student manuals for your first classes. You will attend an administrative session to become familiar with the paperwork, and demonstrate competency on the skills of the program. You will be issued a new MAVO Instructor card as part of this training.

After attending the transition course you will be eligible to train your course participants in MAVO, and take advantage of all the new program elements. We hope to run 4-5 transition courses before the end of the year.

Some important considerations:

– You must continue teaching MAVT until you transition to the MAVO program. You will not be able to conduct MAVO training until you complete the transition.
– The sunset date for MAVT is 12/31/16. We do not expect to approve any more MAVT programs after that date.
– The old fee structure for MAVT will remain in place for MAVT submissions. The new lower costs will apply to MAVO training only. A speedy transition to MAVO will likely save you some money in your training budgets.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to engage the medical transportation community with a new revitalized training program.

Please contact us with your questions about MAV training at

John Mateus – 888-277-3671
Less Stress Instructional Services
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