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Please contact us with your questions about MAV training at

John Mateus – (888) 277-3671
Less Stress Instructional Services
Emergency Care / OSHA Compliance Training, Services, and Consulting


Instead of using the paper form, please submit your MAVT Course Requests by clicking here

You will get an immediate email confirmation and your course is approved unless you hear from us otherwise.


Please send your course rosters and course evaluations to:

Less Stress Instructional Services
130 Ryerson Ave, Suite 210
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If you would like to submit your rosters digitally, you can do so at:

You will log in with your email address (all instructors were emailed and are to use the email address that notification was sent too) and your first name as the password. Here is a quick video on how to submit your MAVT rosters:

If you would like to scan your rosters and course evaluations, we can have your cards printed and in the mail within 24-48 hours.